Maureen McKelvey, Magnus Gulbrandsen, and I are the convenors of the paper track on “Rethinking medical innovation in times of crises: organization, delivery and company responses” at the Eu-SPRI 2021 in Oslo. We invite submissions studying the topic of “Rethinking Medical Innovation in Times of Crisis” in a variety of contexts and encourage submissions that go beyond immediate crisis response to study the medium- and long-term impact of a crisis. To reach this goal, we have developed three broader themes of primary interest for this track. Submissions must be related to one or more of these themes, but that we accept papers that offer clearly complementary perspectives within a theme.

  • Theme 1: The Changing Organization of Medical Innovation and R&D
  • Theme 2: Medical Innovation and Delivery of Care Around Hospitals and Patients
  • Theme 3: Crisis Response in Companies

Further information regarding the track can be found here:

The track consists of full paper sessions. The deadline for submission is 2nd March 2021. Further information regarding the submission process can be found here: