Doing a PhD is a very challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding endeavor that may be your first step into an academic career or may enhance your job prospects in the private or public sector. I am accepting expressions of interesting for doing a PhD in Business and Management at Maynooth University under my supervision.

In order to be an effective supervisor who can support your PhD project, it is essential to have a shared understanding of your PhD research project, its positioning in the literature, as well as its research design and the corresponding research methods. Therefore, I am only considering projects that are clearly linked to my research interests (particularly managing innovation and collaboration in knowledge-intense industries) and to my methodological expertise (I do quantitative analyses based on regression and social network analyses). I am not interested in supervising PhD projects that build exclusively on qualitative research as I do not have enough expertise in this area to support your research effectively. I am, however, open to mixed method approaches that use quantitative and qualitative analyses.

If you are interested in doing a PhD under my supervision (and you do fulfill the admission criteria of the PhD Program in Business and Management), please do send me an extended abstract describing the PhD research you have in mind. This extended abstract should be one or two pages long. It should

  • Explain the real-world phenomenon you would like to understand.
  • Clearly state the broader research question and the gap in the literature that you try to address.
  • Position your research in recent literature and scholarly debates.

You may wish to add some very first thoughts of a suitable research design. Please be advised that this can be the starting point of an open dialog. Sending your extended abstract does not imply that I am going to supervise your project.

Before sending your extended abstract, it is advisable to inform yourself about Maynooth University’s School of Business PhD Program in Business and Management about the program structure, the admission criteria, and the fees.